• Helping homeless and battered women
    CC Alumna Deborah Hughes helps at-risk moms and kids transform their lives. She is President and CEO of Brookview House, and was recently honored with the “Be the Change Award.”
  • Mayor appoints Regina Robinson to Boston School Committee
    Cambridge College's Dean of Student Affairs Regina Robinson will help define the vision, mission and goals of Boston Public Schools.
  • Invested in Your Success
    We provide financial aid to more than 65% of our students and our tuition rates are lower than most four-year colleges.
  • Get where you're going faster
    Our accelerated course schedule makes it quicker and easier for you to earn the credentials you need.
  • Flexible programs to fit your busy schedule
    We offer evening classes on weekends and summers so you can earn your degree and take care of work and family.
  • Advance Your Career. Degrees Open Doors.
    Each year, Cambridge College graduates advance their careers and change their lives. If they can do it, so can you.

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Trang Huynh, P.E., adjunct faculty member at Cambridge College - Southern California, was the winner of the 2014 Inaugural Turning Red Tape into Red Carpet Award given by the Inland Empire Economic Partnership (IEEP) recently. Mr. Huynh used his...
Employee Spotlight
Congratulations to Rudy Thomas for being accepted into the Associates Program at The Partnership, Inc. This highly reputable training is focused on developing leadership capacity by creating professional and civic opportunities in the early stages of the participant's career. Rudy is the Administrative Manager for the School of Undergraduate Studies. He has been with Cambridge College for more than 4 years. Congratulations, Rudy!
February is Black History Month and to kick it off, we were honored to have K-Rahn Vallatine, an educator, motivational speaker, and author speak at Cambridge College – Southern California on February 1. Vallatine, once a rebellious teen himself, works with at-risk youth assisting them with better decision-making and positive self-empowerment. His goal is to motivate and promote positive character development in young people affected by drug and gang life.