Student Perspectives

Class of 2014
I am a student. I am a mother. I am a specialist for my son.
Class of 2012
"I believe I was destined to be a part of Cambridge College. The experience has changed my life and made me a better person."
Class of 2012
"We were adult learners, some from all over the world, each with a different need and a different style of learning."
Class of 2013
"In our professional seminar there were 16 of us from 10 different nations – Turkey, Iraq, Haiti, Japan, England, Thailand, Trinidad, Kenya, the United States and Cambodia."
Vivian McLemore, Cambridge College student
Class of 2017
"The curriculum at Cambridge College was designed to match my career goals..."
Kristen Schaer
Class of 2017
"Cambridge College has educated me to be uniquely equipped to succeed in the mental health counseling world I am about to enter."
Karen Manning, Cambridge College Lawrence student
Class of 2017
“I particularly liked that the Monday-Friday schedule of classes didn't start until 5pm. This gave me the chance to get my children off the bus, feed them, get homework started and spend time with them before the babysitter came.” “I loved the weekend class schedule as well...
Aleksandra Andrzejczak, Cambridge College student
Class of 2018
"I am surrounded by highly educated faculty who care deeply about the students as well as a very diverse student body made up of many different ethnicities and ages."